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Bail supervision program could save system money

The decision by the government to provide a bail verification and supervision program in 17 communities across Ontario is certainly positive as it provides another option to being detained in custody, says Toronto criminal lawyer Tushar Pain.

According to Law Times, the government selected the John Howard Society of Kingston & District to offer the program in the city. The program will help people accused of criminal offences who aren’t a threat to society and don’t have the means to meet bail requirements. Supervision will be provided by the society to clients and ensure they attend all court appearances and meet all conditions of their bail.

\"Reducing the number of people who are detained while awaiting the outcome of their cases will not only save the system money but it also promotes greater expedience in the courts,\" says Pain, by reducing the number of accused people who must be taken to and from and in and out of court.

The reduction in court traffic is, \"a process that can take considerable time and often slows down the courts.  More importantly, it helps assure that all members of society do, indeed, have access to reasonable bail. It is a much better alternative to detention,\" says Pain.

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