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Serial killer Robert Pickton files defence in lawsuits, denies everything

VANCOUVER – Serial killer Robert Pickton is again refusing to admit responsibility for his crimes as he files statements of defence in a series of lawsuits against him.

The families of several women whose DNA or remains were found on Pickton's farm launched lawsuits earlier this year targeting Pickton, his brother David, and the provincial and federal governments.

Pickton has now filed brief statements of defence, simply saying that none of the facts in the families' statements of claim are admitted and he opposes granting them relief.

The statements of defence are each punctuated with Pickton's signature, with ``Robert – William – Pickton'' written in cursive, each name separated with a hyphen.

Pickton spent years hunting sex workers in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside until his arrest in 2002.

He is serving a life sentence for six counts of second-degree murder, though the remains or DNA of 33 women were found on his farm.

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