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Proposed cut to premiums not too much

A planned 15 per cent reduction in auto insurance premiums is modest compared to cutbacks made to available benefits since 2010, Toronto personal injury lawyer Michael Smitiuch says in Law Times.

The provincial government plans to force a 15 per cent cut in premiums by 2015, the article says, noting the savings stem from the 2010 shakeup of the statutory accident benefits schedule.

“Fifteen per cent is certainly not too much,” Smitiuch, founding partner of Smitiuch Injury Law PC, says in the article. “For Ontario consumers since 2010, benefits have been severely restricted, but the majority of claimants are still paying the same premiums. It’s like they’re still paying for a full tank of gas except now they only get it filled up halfway.”

The three-year-old amendments to the benefits schedule removed the old $100,000 limit for medical and rehabilitation care in cases of non-catastrophic injuries and replaced it with a $50,000 cap, Law Times reports, noting the changes also created a new category for minor injuries with a $3,500 limit that now catches about 80 per cent of claims.

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