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Social media sites expand reach for accountants

Keeping posts technical and relevant can allow professionals to maximize the value of a social media site like Twitter, Toronto forensic accountant Patricia Harris says in CAmagazine.

Harris tells the magazine she joined Twitter as a way to keep up to date with the Nortel trial, but soon found it could be a useful tool to incorporate into her daily practice.

“I get up-to-date information and links to articles very relevant to my work,” she says in the report, noting she once used Twitter to attract attendees to a fraud seminar she hosted.

LinkedIn is another valuable site for sharing information, says Harris, partner at Fuller Landau LLP.

“I posted a judgment related to a valuation issue to a LinkedIn group and started an amazing discussion with professionals across North America,” she says in the article.

While the two sites are, “great spots to start a discussion and access information,” Harris warns that standards must not be forgotten when posting online.

“As accountants, we have to make sure we are accurate in what we post, adhere to professional standards and don’t give advice,” she says in CAmagazine.

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