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Powerhouse pair launches employment law firm

Stuart Rudner

With the flip of a coin, longtime friends Stuart Rudner and Natalie MacDonald recently joined forces in the creation of a boutique employment law firm, developing a partnership that offers clients the benefits of working with an experienced, powerhouse team.

In a video announcing the firm’s launch, the pair tossed a coin to determine the order of names in the firm's title, and with that, Rudner MacDonald LLP was born.

“We started the firm with the goal of changing and improving the landscape of Canadian employment law,” says MacDonald, author of Extraordinary Damages in Canadian Employment Law - the only text of its kind in the country. The book reviews damages in noteable wrongful dismissal cases across Canada, including moral damages and the meaning of ‘bad faith’ in wrongful dismissal situations, damages for mental distress, punitive damages, damage based on actions in tort, personal injury damages in an employment law context, as well as damages under provincial and federal legislation. This book has received critical acclaim as an authority on the subject by courts and members of the bar.

Rudner, author of You’re Fired! Just Cause for Dismissal in Canada, says in their respective careers, he and MacDonald have helped hundreds of clients address workplace issues. Rudner’s book explores summary dismissal, acting as a practical reference tool for employment law practitioners and human resources professionals on the law of summary dismissal in Canada. The commentary and case digests in the book are meant to help users understand the types of behaviours that can constitute just cause for dismissal, the requirements for appropriate investigations prior to dismissal, and key cases where courts have considered allegations of just cause for dismissal.

“Using a balanced approach to employment law, we help employers and employees understand their rights and obligations. With this approach, our goal is to become the leading employment law firm in Canada," he says.

Repeatedly named among Canada's top employment law practitioners, MacDonald and Rudner provide senior counsel of the highest calibre to employers and employees in all aspects of employment law including policies, procedures, hiring, employment agreements, bullying, harassment, human rights issues, downsizing, reducing labour costs, restrictive covenants, discipline, constructive and wrongful dismissal.

Committed to top-quality service in a cost-effective manner, Rudner MacDonald LLP uses technology and alternatives to the billable hour where appropriate while providing prompt, responsive legal solutions and cost certainty.

Called to the bar in 2000, MacDonald was editor-in-chief of Employment Bulletin for seven years, as well as a routine contributor to Canadian HR Reporter, Canadian Employment Law Today and Canadian Employer. She chairs and speaks at conferences frequently, including those held by the Law Society of Upper Canada, Osgoode Professional Development Updates, the Ontario Bar Association, and the Human Resources Professional Association.

MacDonald also serves as a director at Ridgeford Charitable Foundation and Brenyon Way Charitable Foundation boards, both of which address social housing needs.

Named one of Canada’s top legal social media influencers, and founder and moderator of the Canadian HR Law Group on LinkedIn, Rudner was called to the bar in 1999. He also chairs and speaks at conferences frequently, including those offered by the Human Resources Professionals Association, Ontario Bar Association, and the Law Society of Upper Canada, along with writing a regular column for Canadian HR Reporter.

Rudner serves as a director at Lawyers International Food Enterprise (LIFE), an organization of lawyers helping to raise awareness of worldwide child poverty among the legal profession and increase financial professional commitment to corporate social responsibility. He is also a leader within the Ontario Bar Association. 

With a combined 27 years of experience filled with accomplishments, Rudner MacDonald is a vibrant, dynamic firm already brimming with success stories.

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