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New season of estate law series coming this fall

Walking viewers through the complex and often emotionally-charged world of estates law, Heirs + Omissions, a TV show hosted by Toronto trusts and estates lawyer Adam Cappelli, is coming back for its second season this fall.

The new season is set to kick off this September on Cable 14 in Hamilton.

This season, Cappelli, partner at Cambridge LLP, will cover topics ranging from predatory marriages to how to provide for a disabled loved one to issues surrounding capacity and how capacity assessments should be done. The first season of the show explored issues such as cottage succession planning and appointing guardians and trusts for young children.

Heirs + Omissions is an important and useful show, because it educates people about where problems might arise in their estate plan and how they can take control to minimize these problems from creeping up in their own estate. We get a lot of feedback from people who tell us they saw the show and encouraged their parent or child to get their affairs in order or that they took action to correct an issue in their own plan,” says Cappelli.

While the show is designed to teach the public about some of the more common issues and misconceptions around estate planning - most people do not understand that a new marriage automatically revokes a will, for example – Cappelli says lawyers will also get a lot out of the show.

“We get really interesting guests, a mix of lawyers and non-lawyers who are experts in their fields and they talk about problems they see and how they think these problems can be resolved. So, there is a lot of discussion about where the law may be going and how people can plan to be ahead of curve,” he says.

Check Cable 14's website for airtimes. Previous episodes of Heirs + Omissions can be found on the Cambridge LLP YouTube page here.

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