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Neuberger named TLA vice-president

Criminal lawyer Joseph Neuberger was officially named vice-president of the Toronto Lawyers Association at the organization’s recent TLA Awards of Distinction.

Neuberger, partner with Neuberger Rose LLP and certified specialist in criminal law, joined the Toronto Lawyers Association board as a trustee in 2004 and has been on the executive since 2009, previously serving as secretary and treasurer. Neuberger will become Toronto Lawyers Association president in 2014.

“I am honoured to now serve as vice president, and I look forward to my term as president where I will continue to work on the TLA ideals and promote community and service to our members and continue to work hard to keep the Feed the Hungry program a robust social service in the City of Toronto," says Neuberger.

Neuberger is co-chair of the committee raising funds for the Lawyers Feed the Hungry Program - a joint committee between the TLA and the Law Foundation, and as vice-president will continue to do his part to ensure that the program is adequately funded.  He also serves as editor in chief of the Toronto Law Journal and has also been on the Ontario Review Board for over 10 years as an alternate chair and legal member.

"My involvement with the Toronto Lawyers Association has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my legal career. The people I have had the privilege of serving with as a trustee over the years have enriched my legal career and opened me up to a host of personally fulfilling opportunities, like the law journal, but most profound for me is my involvement with the Lawyers Feed the Hungry program. This program serves the disadvantaged and vulnerable in our community and lawyers, judges, and lay people and along with the Law Foundation work tirelessly to provide food to people in need all year round. It is an amazing program,” he says.

“As vice-president Joseph will work with the TLA board to ensure that our strategic goal of raising awareness of the association in the Toronto legal community will succeed. And knowing his energy and enthusiasm I have no doubt that you will be hearing more about the three pillars of the TLA:  information, education and advocacy. Personally, it’s always satisfying to work with someone like Joseph; he’s positive, encouraging and has a great sense of humour,” says Joan Rataic-Lang, executive director of the Toronto Lawyers Association.

The author of the leading text in Canada on assessing risk and dangerous offenders, Neuberger has conducted over 700 trials in 20 years of practice, including 64 jury trials with only three losses. He specializes in defending domestic and sexual related offences and homicide.

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