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Feldstein advises CTV viewers in new segment

In the event of separation and divorce, can children decide which parent they want to live with?

That was the first viewer question posed to Toronto-area family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein in a new segment called Ask a Lawyer on Canada AM, CTV’s Canada-wide breakfast show.  Watch CTV

“There is no clear-cut age at which a child can decide which parent they want to live with if the parents are separating,” Feldstein, managing partner of Feldstein Family Law Group, said in an interview with host Beverley Thomson.

“Part of it depends on the child’s maturity. The child can have opinions, even at an early age. If the matter is before the court, the court will want to ensure that the opinions are truly the child’s. The court would appoint a lawyer from the Office of the Children’s Lawyer to ensure that the child is not just repeating what one parent wants the child to say."

The second audience question was about a 30-year common-law relationship that has now split up, while another question dealt with a young fiancée and details surrounding a prenuptial agreement.

The last audience question was about an inheritance and how it’s treated during a marriage - and upon marriage breakdown.

“From the day you receive an inheritance, you have to show that it was an inheritance," said Feldstein. "Say it’s $100,000. The best thing is to open a new account at a completely different financial institution than your regular banking. Next, you need to trace the trail of what happened to the money."

The Ask a Lawyer segment continues this week.

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