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Teen recalls details of bus accident

On Oct. 7, 2011, 16-year-old Cassi Lam was walking through the crosswalk for the roundabout at Homer Watson Boulevard and Block Line Road in the city of Kitchener when she was hit by a Grand River Transit bus being operated by Rafael Quintanilla. As a result of the accident, Lam suffered serious head and upper body injuries and Quintanilla was charged with careless driving.

The Lam family has retained Stacey L. Stevens and David F. MacDonald, partners at Thomson Rogers, to represent them in a lawsuit against Quintanilla, Grand River Transit and the City of Kitchener. The accident has sparked major discussions about the safety of roundabouts in the Kitchener-Waterloo region.

The trial for the careless driving charge against Quintanilla began on Nov. 22.

Stevens has been attending the trial with the Lam family, and met with David Imrie of CTV news following the first day of the Crown's case. During an interview, Stevens confirmed Lam continues to struggle with the impairments flowing from her brain injury.  Watch CTV

“It’s tough for someone whose life was one way one day and then all of a sudden it’s completely different and at her age it’s a struggle,” Stevens says in the report.

Lam took the stand on Nov. 27 and recounted the moments leading up to being hit by the bus.

“She watched for the bus, she knew where it was, and she moved off that median when she felt it was safe to do so,” Stevens says in another CTV report on the trial.  Watch CTV

“She’s made it clear from the very beginning that she’s not had any memory issues with respect to recalling what happened that day and taken all together she was in the best position to see what was happening,” she continues.

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