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Actor hasn't moved on ... yet

Charles Ticker

By Charles Ticker

It’s now just over two months since I wrote about the dispute involving the burial and estate of the late Mr. Jefferson, actor Sherman Hemsley. 

The actor died on July 24, 2012 and the dispute over his burial has still not been resolved. The judge in Texas in charge of the case has further adjourned the trial to Nov. 9. Meanwhile, the actor’s body remains in deep freeze in an El Paso, Texas funeral home.

The dispute is between Flora Enchinton who is described as “ beloved partner” of the late actor and Richard Thornton who claims to be the actor’s half brother.

Thornton also claims that Hemsley’s will which left his entire estate to Enchinton is a forgery.

Now another person has stepped forward to claim the will is a forgery.

Rev. Michael George Wells, a United Methodist Minister, claims to be a cousin of Hemsley. According to online reports Wells is quoted as saying “….We are not looking for money. But if we are entitled to something, we don’t want anyone else to have it.”

( Like the attorneys, maybe?)

From all the legal wrangling going on, you would think that the estate is worth millions of dollars.

But according to online reports, the estate is only worth $ 50,000!

Seems Mr. Hemsley may not have been as financially successful as his alter ego Mr. Jefferson.Read Sibling Fight Blog

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