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Khadr shouldn't be set up to fail: Neuberger

Joseph Neuberger

When convicted terrorist Omar Khadr is eligible for conditional release, parole authorities will treat him with fairness, Toronto criminal lawyer Joseph Neuberger argues in a recent Toronto Sun article.  Read Toronto Sun  

"I don't believe they would be overly swayed by what shenanigans go on in Parliament - I mean it's politics," Neuberger tells the Sun, noting how a successful reintegration would play a larger role in any decision.

"I don't think it's in anybody's best interests to set him up to fail," adds Neuberger, partner with Neuberger Rose LLP.

The Conservative government says convicted terrorist Khadr's case is now out of the political realm and in the hands of the Canadian prison system, the Sun reports in the article, which questions whether politics and the weight of public opinion will play a role in Khadr's prison placement and parole hearings.

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