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Waitress's termination "unfair," MacLeod says

Doug MacLeod

The allegedly cold and unfair termination of a Toronto woman’s waitressing job compelled employment lawyer Doug MacLeod to take on her case.

“I’ve always said no to this kind of case,” MacLeod tells the Toronto SunRead Toronto Sun

“I don’t have a quarrel with unions but this just seemed so unfair to me that I decided to take it on.”

Mila Gleeson, 68, says she was fired by her employer, the Four Seasons Hotel, and told she’d failed to measure up to qualifications needed as the company opened a new location, the Sun reports.

Gleeson argues the union was “grossly negligent” and should have to pay her a lump sum equal to the wages and tips she would have earned until her planned retirement at 75, the Sun reports.

The article says MacLeod got involved in the case after one of Gleeson’s former customers became so upset at the situation that he called him and offered to pay for the initial consultation. MacLeod quickly decided he wanted to help.

“I loved my work,” Gleeson told the Sun. “I expected more from my union. For 40 years I’ve been paying union dues and when I need them, they’re not there.”

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