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Magnotta's home: what's next?

Joseph Neuberger

Now that alleged Body Parts Killer Luka Magnotta is in custody on Canadian soil, the big question is what's next for the man who was the subject of an international manhunt and extradition from Germany?

Toronto criminal lawyer Joseph Neuberger says Magnotta is likely undergoing "intense questioning, not only in relation to his own culpability but about the location of the remaining body parts of the victim."

Neuberger says that after a "short appearance before a justice, Mr. Magnotta will likely be remanded in custody for a few weeks pending his retaining counsel, allowing time for the police to continue their investigation and for the Crown to start to put together the disclosure.

"This investigation will be ongoing for a while and it can be expected that it will be months until the Crown will be in a position to provide significant disclosure," says Neuberger, a partner with Neuberger Rose LLP.

"Mr. Magnotta will not likely make any application for bail as he is clearly flight risk and has extensively used social media to chronicle his involvement in this horrific offence, thereby making the prosecution's case against him very strong," he says.

"What will be the more interesting development is whether Mr. Magnotta will essentially confess to police investigators (if he hasn't already) and then wind up pleading guilty saving the time and cost of a trial," says Neuberger.

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