Criminal Law

Accord acknowledges Supreme Court independence: Hicks

An accord between Canada’s chief justice and its justice minister aimed at strengthening the independence of the Supreme Court is not legally binding but carries strong moral ...

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NEW Mother on hook after son crashes rented minivan

TORONTO — A woman who rented a minivan is on the hook for thousands of dollars after her son, who had a suspended licence, got behind the wheel and crashed, an Ontario judge ... Read more

The Profession

NEW Chalk one up in the fight against hunger

Neuberger & Partners LLP, Hull & Hull LLP, and the Toronto Lawyers Association will host an annual fundraising event in support of the Lawyers Feed the Hungry program in ... Read more

Criminal Law

Relevance key in introducing evidence of past sexual history

The past relationship between the complainant and the accused cannot be introduced as evidence in sexual assault cases unless it is clearly shown to be relevant, says Toronto ... Read more

Civil Litigation

Contractor gets undeserved second chance to prove damages

A commercial contractor will get a second kick at the can to prove his damages after a puzzling Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) decision, says Toronto senior litigation lawyer ... Read more

Personal Injury

Guide to out-of-province auto insurance coverage

An Ontario motorist injured in a collision outside of the province can sue for damages, says Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth. Read more


Full disclosure crucial when filing VDP amid program tightening

With the taxman recently taking a wider stance in aggressively pursuing past non-compliers, taxpayers making an application under the Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP) should be ... Read more

Employment & Labour

Changes for federal employees include leave provisions

Changes to the Canada Labour Code (CLC) around paid leave for federally regulated employees could open the door for other forms of leave from work to be covered in the future, says ... Read more


Government must update international student program: Jeffery

The federal government is on the right track in launching a new strategy to attract international students to Canada, but a fundamental change needs to be made to the study-permit ... Read more


Same approach problematic for common-law, married spouses

Equal property rights for both common-law and married spouses would remove an element of choice from couples about their relationships, says Markham family law lawyer Andrew ... Read more

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Security screening at Toronto police HQ justified, appeal court rules

TORONTO — The threat of an attack on police headquarters in Toronto justifies the security screening of everyone entering the building, including people attending police ... Read more

The Profession

LSO revokes rule requiring members to promote diversity

TORONTO — The Law Society of Ontario (LSO) revoked a rule Wednesday that required its members to spell out their commitment to promoting diversity, but the decision did not ... Read more


‘Renoviction’ victims have legal options: Murray

Tenants have options when a landlord attempts a “renoviction,” says Ottawa paralegal Amri Murray, who handles cases of this nature. Read more

Civil Litigation

Indigenous communities ill-served by ‘colonial policing’

It will take more than money to solve the problem of “colonial policing” in Indigenous communities, says Alberta Indigenous rights litigator Leighton Grey. Read more


ADR clause preempts time, cost of shareholder litigation

There are several benefits to including a dispute resolution mechanism within a shareholders’ agreement, says Toronto business lawyer Anton Katz. Read more

Civil Litigation

Unpaid contractors should seek prompt legal advice

Contractors owed money for work or materials have two options — a lien or a lawsuit — and in either case, it is helpful to seek legal counsel as early as possible, says ... Read more

Personal Injury

Companies can be held liable for injuries caused by product

Customers injured by faulty products could have a claim against the manufacturer, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya, who helps plaintiffs seek recourse for injuries ... Read more

Estates & Wills & Trusts

Select an alternate caregiver for pets in your will

A small but growing number of pet owners express interest in making provisions for their pets in their estate plans, Toronto trusts and estates lawyer Suzana Popovic-Montag tells ... Read more


Case provides guidance on litigation privilege

Family law counsel should broaden their horizons for lessons on how to handle expert evidence, says Toronto family lawyer Gary Joseph. Read more

Employment & Labour

Workers have the right to unplug when workday is done: Low

Ontario employees have the “right to disconnect” if they are being asked to answer emails and make phone calls after work hours, and they should seek legal advice if ... Read more


Collection litigation valid option when invoice remains unpaid

Although the thought of collection litigation may seem daunting or bring negative connotations for some business owners, those who have provided a good or service deserve to be ... Read more

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