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Cannabis companies find value with patent strength analysis

As Canada awaits the arrival of cannabis-infused edibles, extracts and topicals, the filing of patents in the sector is heating up as companies look to monetize the value of their ...

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    Human Rights

    Toronto Public Library in breach of its own policy: Imai

    Allowing a controversial figure to speak at a public library based on a determination that the topic wasn’t hate speech may have violated the Ontario Human Rights Code and ... Read more


    Nine points to help child protection agencies prepare for change

    It’s important that Ontario children’s aid societies start addressing pending privacy legislation, says Toronto health lawyer Kate Dewhirst, who has developed a ... Read more

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    Cross-border private investigation work takes solid contacts

    Diligence and a strong network of connections are vital components of MKD International’s success as a full-service private investigation firm, especially when it comes to ... Read more

    Estates & Wills & Trusts

    Alberta estate challenge has lessons for lawyers, clients

    A recent decision illustrates that testators need to give specific instructions and, more importantly, lawyers need to be precise in their drafting, says Toronto trusts and estates ... Read more

    Employment & Labour

    How can an employee policy handbook benefit me?

    By Christopher Achkar Although training can be instrumental to employees’ success, it is not always enough. Similarly, even the best-written contracts are sometimes insufficient to prevent various ... Read more

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    Fellow resident charged in death of 94-year-old woman

    NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, Ont. — A 74-year-old man has been charged in the death of a 94-year-old woman in southwestern Ontario. Read more

    Criminal Law

    Benefit of U.S. border crackdown on marijuana questionable

    “Absurd” U.S. federal cannabis policies are in the spotlight again as Canadians are reportedly being barred from the United States for admitting to long-past marijuana ... Read more

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    The ‘better safe than sorry’ approach to fraud investigation

    The ideal approach to forensic accounting is to minimize the risk of fraud before it happens, or identify it as soon as possible, says forensic accountant and chartered business ... Read more

    Real Estate

    Condos can impose reasonable pet bans: Mackey

    Condo corporations may lawfully ban pets in certain circumstances, says Toronto condominium and commercial litigator Megan Mackey. Read more


    Save time for a foreign divorce opinion letter

    Ontario residents hoping to marry after a divorce abroad need to leave enough time to obtain a foreign divorce opinion letter, says Toronto family lawyer Usman Sadiq. Read more

    Real Estate

    Loeb: Tarion needs to require more standard-form agreements

    Tarion Warranty Corp.’s recent efforts to provide more consumer information on the risks of pre-construction condominium purchases don’t go far enough, and the new home ... Read more


    Pharmacist disciplined for snooping in private records

    Regulated professionals who access health records for personal reasons are abusing their privilege and could receive disciplinary action, says Burlington compliance lawyer Cathi ... Read more

    Estates & Wills & Trusts

    Make-A-Will-Month a great excuse to get estate in order

    November is the Ontario Bar Association’s (OBA) Make-a-Will Month, and Toronto wills and estates lawyer Lisa Laredo says there’s no better time to act for those without ... Read more

    Criminal Law

    Police investigating own alleged misconduct ‘offensive’

    Reports of years-long delays in investigating allegations of criminal behaviour by Quebec police against Indigenous people should be concerning to all Canadians, as they point to ... Read more

    Personal Injury

    Money can’t compensate for death of loved one: Grillo

    TORONTO — A fatal boat crash on an Ontario lake this summer has prompted a wrongful death lawsuit against celebrity businessman Kevin O'Leary and his wife Linda O'Leary, who ... Read more

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    Informed consent at the heart of most medical procedures

    The threshold for obtaining a patient’s informed consent varies depending on the nature of the medical procedure performed, says Toronto orthopedic spine and trauma surgeon ... Read more

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