The influencers' guide to canna-promotion on Instagram

By Whitney Abrams Brands who formerly opted to use traditional forms of advertising like print and online media have taken to influencer marketing to capitalize on personalities who have large, and ...

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    Real Estate

    Call to condo lawyer would have saved corporation time, money

    A condominium management team that objected to a Jewish condo owner attaching a mezuzah to the doorframe of his residence highlights the importance of seeking legal advice before ... Read more


    Disability clause important part of shareholders’ agreement

    A well-drafted shareholders’ agreement should include provisions specifying what will happen in the event of disability, says Toronto business lawyer Anton Katz. Read more


    JDLG Kids Club to focus on enhancing children’s lives

    Inspired by her young son, and with a desire to help the clients who made it possible for her to recently open her own boutique law firm, Fredericton family lawyer and mediator ... Read more


    How to communicate the ADR way

    Most disputes are best resolved through some form of ADR — either alternative or appropriate dispute resolution, Toronto arbitrator Marvin Huberman writes in the summer ... Read more

    Criminal Law

    Attack on right to make full answer and defence in sex assault trials

    By Joseph Neuberger Growing public and media attention on the way sexual assault trials are conducted has increased the scrutiny upon defence lawyers and how these trials are conducted, with a focus ... Read more

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    Personal Injury

    Case serves as a warning to commercial hosts: Brown

    Commercial hosts should be held to a higher standard than someone holding a party in their home when it comes to their liability for intoxicated guests, says Ontario personal ... Read more

    Personal Injury

    Structured settlements a good bet for most injury victims

    Structured settlements are often in the best interest of seriously injured accident victims facing years of medical and attendant-care needs, says Toronto personal injury lawyer ... Read more

    Employment & Labour

    Contractor or full-time staffer — weigh benefits, drawbacks

    The pros and cons of contract work versus full-time employment should be understood by both employers and individuals so they can make the decision that is right for them, says ... Read more

    Employment & Labour

    Lifelong passion for justice leads to legal profession

    Toronto employment and human rights lawyer Mika Imai grew up with a passion for social justice but found herself at a crossroads after completing her International Development ... Read more

    Employment & Labour

    SCC to weigh in on ride-sharing arbitration clause

    A 2017 Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) decision may be the best indicator for how it will rule this fall when it hears an appeal of a ruling that shot down a ride-sharing ... Read more


    Privacy lawyer joins Kate Dewhirst Health Law

    As she celebrates the third anniversary of launching her own firm, Toronto health lawyer Kate Dewhirst is welcoming senior lawyer Megan Ferrier to assist in taking on a new area of ... Read more

    Personal Injury

    New rule may curb practice of paying HST out of benefits

    Lawyers for injured plaintiffs are hopeful that a recent change to clarify the requirement for insurers to pay HST over and above accident benefit limits will increase compliance ... Read more

    Criminal Law

    Reflecting on evolution of murder trials over five decades

    Drawing on five decades of experience in representing people accused of murder, Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen says Ontario’s judicial system has evolved into one of the ... Read more


    Mediation the key to uncovering future working relationships

    Mediation can uncover opportunities for a continued working relationship in employer-employee disputes, says Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose. Read more


    Discussing your split is a social media taboo when divorcing

    People going through a divorce should stay off social media or at least avoid discussing their failed marriage and ex-partner online, says Toronto family lawyer Leanne Townsend. Read more

    Class Action

    Tips for successfully defending against class actions

    Toronto civil litigator John Campion has been defending institutions against class actions almost from the inception of Ontario’s class proceedings regime more than 25 years ... Read more

    Legal Supplier

    An ounce of prevention could save your business: Harris

    It’s important for companies to assess their level of exposure to fraudulent activities that, left unchecked, could devastate your business, says forensic accountant and ... Read more

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