Timothy N. Sullivan

Timothy N. Sullivan
Civil Litigation, Employment & Labour, Estates & Wills & Trusts, Family, Personal Injury

Timothy N. Sullivan, principal with the Ottawa firm Sullivan Law, focuses on family law, civil litigation, personal actions, and wills and estates.

After graduating in political science from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1992 and a Master of Arts in 1997, Mr. Sullivan earned his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Windsor in 2000. He was called to the Ontario Bar in 2002.

Mr. Sullivans family law practice includes marriage and cohabitation agreements, separation and parenting agreements, adoptions, as well as wills, estates and powers of attorney.

In civil law, he focuses on commercial litigation, estate litigation, personal injury claims, including slip-and-fall injuries, sexual assault and wrongful death, contract disputes, and employment-related matters.

His personal actions practice can include employment law and wrongful dismissal, slip-and-fall, sexual assault and historical sexual assault, wrongful death and estate litigation.

In addition, Mr. Sullivan advises his clients on estate and tax planning.

Mr. Sullivan has presented cases to the Ontario Divisional Court, the Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Court of Justice, the Landlord and Tenant Tribunal, the Ontario Municipal Board, and the board of education.

He is a member of the Ontario Trial LawyersAssociation, the St. Thomas More LawyersGuild of Ottawa, and the County of Carleton Law Association.

Timothy N. Sullivan In The News
SCC creates more conflict in international custody cases

The Supreme Court of Canada’s (SCC) new guidelines for international child custody cases will prompt more litigation and conflict in Hague Convention matters, Ottawa family ... Read more

Beware retainer creep when unbundling legal services

Lawyers offering unbundled legal services should beware of retainer creep, Ottawa family lawyer  Timothy N. Sullivan  tells  AdvocateDaily.com .  Sullivan, ... Read more

Neighbour denied $100K after deceased's cheque bounces

One can feel some sympathy for a man who failed in an attempt to cash a $100,000 cheque from his neighbour after she died, Ottawa trusts and estates lawyer  Timothy N. ... Read more

Joint tenancy a common source of estate disputes

Joint tenancy is a double-edged sword for testators and beneficiaries, Ottawa trusts and estates lawyer  Timothy N. Sullivan tells  AdvocateDaily.com .  In a ... Read more

Surgeon's failure to seek legal advice a cautionary tale for professionals

A wealthy surgeon’s failed attempt to set aside an unfavourable separation agreement is a cautionary tale for professionals thinking of representing themselves in family law ... Read more

Expansion of support eligibility should have occurred 'long ago'

Proposed changes to Ontario’s Family Law Act that would make all children with disabilities eligible for child support regardless of whether their parents were ever ... Read more

Bankruptcy not a shield for avoiding family law costs orders

Bankruptcy should not be used as a tool to avoid paying costs orders, says Ottawa family lawyer  Timothy N. Sullivan .  In a recent  case , Ontario’s ... Read more

Put a time limit on spousal support waivers

Putting a time limit on spousal support waivers could reduce the chances of a cohabitation agreement challenge, says Ottawa family law lawyer  Timothy N. Sullivan .  ... Read more

Should you consider mediation in a separation or divorce?

By Timothy N. Sullivan As with most things in law, the answer is “it depends.” Mediation is one way of resolving a dispute. It’s not the only way. It can ... Read more

Regular client contact key to keeping wills updated

Having an up-to-date will can help individuals and their families avoid a host of problems down the road, but lawyers need to encourage clients to revise their estate plans ... Read more

Communication key to avoiding estate disputes among adult children

When parents haven’t had a serious conversation with their adult children about how their estate is to be divided when they die, this can add confusion to the grieving ... Read more

Lawyers play key role in helping common law spouses with wills

When it comes to drafting a will and estate plan, common law couples can bring unique challenges to the table, Ottawa family law and estate lawyer Timothy N. Sullivan writes in ... Read more

Ten things that happen if you die without a will in Ontario

By Timothy N. Sullivan If ‘making a will’ has been one of those things on your long-term to-do list but doesn’t seem to ever become a top priority, ... Read more

Communication with beneficiaries vital when preparing a will

Having an open discussion with family members, beneficiaries and intended executors is an important part of preparing an estate plan in order to minimize conflict, reduce expenses ... Read more

Is it a good idea to bring a friend to a lawyer’s appointment?

By Timothy N. Sullivan Sometimes, a client going through a separation or divorce will ask me – usually with some trepidation – if they can bring a friend or ... Read more

Independent legal advice and how it works

By Timothy N. Sullivan “I had a marriage contract drawn up by my lawyer. My lawyer said my fiancé needs to get independent legal advice before she signs it. ... Read more

Life insurance as security for child, spousal support not without flaws

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA)  ruling that allows a second wife and child to claim support from a deceased common-law husband’s life insurance policy raises ... Read more

Bonkalo recommendations fail to address broader issues: Sullivan

The  Family Legal Services Review  focuses too much on the expanded use of paralegals without considering other potential fixes to the system, says Ottawa family ... Read more

Ask a lawyer: do employees have to sign non-compete agreements?

By Timothy N. Sullivan Employees may be required to sign an employment contract as a term of employment. Typical employment agreements include the employee’s start ... Read more

Non-compliance with orders a major source of frustration

Non-compliance with court orders is one the most difficult — and frustrating — aspects of family law, says Ottawa family lawyer  Timothy N. Sullivan . ... Read more

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