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Having a second child similar to hiring new associate

Hiring a new associate can be just like having a second child — in both cases, the newbie is a threat to the hierarchy, Toronto plaintiffs’ personal injury lawyer Sharon Bauer writes in her recent Precedent magazine column.

In the ‘Life Without Parole’ series, Bauer, a partner with Wolfe Lawyers, takes an entertaining look at how lawyers can use their professional skill sets to raise their children. 

In her latest column, Bauer tells the fictionalized story of receiving an email from a legal assistant at her firm, who is now working for a new associate in addition to the lawyer she’s worked under for five years. The original associate, says the assistant, is not pleased with the fact that the assistant now has to split her time.

As Bauer replies, “Tell him you’ll still pay attention to him. And remember, this is a hard transition.”

Shortly afterward, Bauer receives a text from her husband, who is home with their five-year-old son and six-month-old daughter. Since they brought the baby home, he writes, their son thinks he’s not getting any attention and keeps acting out.

I text back exactly what I told the assistant. As I get back to work, an email pops up from the managing partner,” she writes. The new associate was given four new files that the more senior associate turned down six months ago, but now the lawyer is upset. The managing partner asks how best to proceed.

“Ask if he’s feeling slighted that you’re giving love to the newbie. I guarantee that’s it,” writes Bauer.

Similarly, Bauer says her husband texts to ask what to do when their son has a meltdown after the baby plays with a box of his old toys.

“Why does everyone come to me with questions about babies, big and small? I look at the email I just sent my partner. Yup, this works,” she writes.

In the end, it turns out the advice you would give about a new associate at work is the same advice you would give to someone who had a second child, says Bauer.

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