Miriam Anbar

Miriam Anbar
Rodney Employment Law
Employment & Labour

Miriam Anbar, an associate with Rodney Employment Law, focuses on employment and labour law.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in political science from York University in 2007, Ms. Anbar earned her Doctor of Laws from the University of Windsor’s Faculty of Law in 2012.

Handling employment and labour matters, Ms. Anbar assists both employers and employees with wrongful dismissals, employment standards, employment contracts, human resources law, workplace safety and insurance, human rights, and occupational health and safety.

Before becoming a lawyer, Ms. Anbar was a human resources manager of a fast-paced dental office.

As a caseworker and litigator at Community Legal Aid, a poverty-law training clinic based at the University of Windsor’s Faculty of Law, Ms. Anbar represented clients on civil and criminal matters and negotiated with assistant Crown attorneys and provincial prosecutors.  

She is a member of the Canadian Bar Association and the Ontario Bar Association’s Labour and Employment section.

Miriam Anbar In The News
Hollywood scandal reverberations felt in Canadian workplaces

Hollywood’s ongoing harassment and sex assault scandals have caused reverberations in workplaces north of the border, Toronto employment lawyer  Miriam Anbar ... Read more

A ‘toxic environment’ in Tinseltown

By Miriam Anbar   In the wake of a string of accusations ranging from assault and sexual harassment to rape, The Weinstein Company recently announced that it has ... Read more

Anbar to speak on workplace investigation best practice

Toronto employment lawyer  Miriam Anbar  will share her insights on workplace investigations at an upcoming program, presented by the Chartered Professional Accountants ... Read more

Investigate before firing for off-duty conduct

Employers should investigate thoroughly before terminating employees for off-duty behaviour, Toronto employment lawyer  Miriam Anbar  tells  AdvocateDaily.com ... Read more

Did the employee quit? When a resignation is actually a termination

By Miriam Anbar Consider you have a disgruntled employee working for you and you suspect he wants to quit. However, you are also prepared to terminate him. One day, the ... Read more

Bill 148 set to shake up temporary work rules

Ontario’s new workplace law could force a big change in the way companies use temporary workers, Toronto employment lawyer  Miriam Anbar  tells The Lawyers Daily ... Read more

Proactive approach best with workplace mental health issues

Toronto employment lawyer Miriam Anbar tells AdvocateDaily.com the findings of a recent national study on mental health in the workplace are “disappointing,” ... Read more

When a resignation is actually a termination

By Miriam Anbar and Sam Spodek, summer student  Consider you have a disgruntled employee working for you and you suspect he wants to quit.  However, you are also ... Read more

Critical lessons for employers in light of CSIS lawsuit

Employers are responsible for keeping workplaces safe and free of discrimination, so it’s important they respond appropriately to complaints, Toronto employment lawyer ... Read more

Case confirms employees have rights during probation period

Employers need to demonstrate good faith during probation periods when they’re assessing whether a relationship with a new employee is going to work out, Toronto employment ... Read more

OCA case affirms companies must honour employee rights

An appeal court win by a grandmother who sued a multinational corporation for constructive dismissal can provide a number of lessons learned for employers for a couple of ... Read more

TTC drug-testing initiative 'significant': Anbar

A court decision allowing the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to administer random workplace drug and alcohol tests on its employees is a significant development, says Toronto ... Read more

'Serious' pay equity issue must be addressed: Anbar

OTTAWA — Statistics Canada says there are more women in leadership roles in the public sector where pay equity is the law than in the private sector, where similar ... Read more

Law firm flexibility key to retention of women lawyers

Although gaps can exist between a law firm’s expectations and a lawyer’s ability to have work-life balance, creativity and flexibility on the part of firms can go a ... Read more

Ontario employers to allow paid leave for domestic violence victims

Victims of domestic or sexual violence in Ontario may soon be permitted to take a 10-day paid leave from work, allowing victims to seek safety with the help of their employers, ... Read more

Investigate before you terminate

The firing of a university cafe operator who posted a questionable job ad on Facebook serves as a warning for employers to fully investigate misconduct before terminating a ... Read more

Unlimited vacation not an impossible perk to manage

Unlimited vacation can be a “tremendous” hiring perk but should be carefully managed with well-drafted policies and agreements for employees, says Toronto employment ... Read more

Employers must be aware of obligations for employees on parental leave

A recent decision by an Ontario Labour Relations adjudicator shows many employers still don’t understand the extent of their obligations to an employee on parental leave, ... Read more

Miriam Anbar understands employment law clients 'from inside out'

Whether it’s helping employers navigate wrongful dismissal claims or assisting an employee to stand up for their rights,  Miriam Anbar  says she finds immense ... Read more

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