Matthew Jeffery

Matthew Jeffery
Law Office of Matthew Jeffery

Matthew Jeffery, sole practitioner operating The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery, Barrister & Solicitor in Toronto, focuses on all areas of immigration law.

Mr. Jeffery graduated with a Doctor of Laws degree from Osgoode Hall Law School before being called to the Ontario Bar.

In his third year at law school, Mr. Jeffery spent an entire term studying an advanced program in immigration and refugee law, which gave him a better understanding of the cases he now deals with on a day-to-day basis.

He went on to spend three years working in Beijing, where he assisted people applying for permanent Canadian residence as skilled workers and under the business categories. He also helped students gain Canadian study permits.

When he returned to Canada, he spent several years focusing on refugee claims before his practice evolved into the full range of immigration matters.

As a Certified Specialist in Immigration Law, Mr. Jeffery’s practice covers family and spousal sponsorships, skilled worker, Canadian Experience Class and Express Entry applications, permanent resident card renewals, citizenship applications, humanitarian applications, work and study permits, and visitor visas.

In addition, Mr. Jeffery offers appeal and immigration litigation services including, judicial review and appeals to the Federal Court, appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division, and citizenship appeals to the Immigration and Refugee Board.

He is a member of the Ontario Bar Association.

Matthew Jeffery In The News
One-per-cent immigration target too small to bridge jobs gap

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Program to bring gay Chechens to Canada humanitarian effort

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Program aimed at attracting entrepreneurs to Canada needs overhaul

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Citizenship revocation proceedings voided

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Citizenship Act amendments positive, but should have gone further

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Rejected applicants get second shot at permanent residence

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Bring back entrepreneur and investor immigration programs: Jeffery

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Unfair citizenship revocation process struck down

Canadians should not be stripped of citizenship without the chance to properly defend themselves, Toronto immigration lawyer Matthew Jeffery  tells the Toronto Star ... Read more

New immigration lottery process causes problems, confusion

A new lottery process that allows individuals to apply to win a spot to bring their parents or grandparents to Canada is “fraught with problems," including some confusion ... Read more

Lottery system for parent, grandparent reunification 'unfair'

The federal government's new lottery for parent and grandparent sponsorship has made a bad situation worse, says Toronto immigration lawyer Matthew Jeffery . Immigration ... Read more

Border electronic device search a possibility for all travellers

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Law and practice on asylum issue 'different story'

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Aim higher on spousal sponsorship processing times, lawyer tells feds

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Feds failing foreign students, says Jeffery

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Ruling will prove key for citizenship-by-fraud cases

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Matthew Jeffery's practice covers full range of immigration matters

Toronto immigration lawyer  Matthew Jeffery knew from his second year at law school that he wanted to help people with citizenship and refugee matters. “I was ... Read more

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