Lisa Gelman

Lisa Gelman
Gelman & Associates

Lisa Gelman, founder and principal of the firm Gelman & Associates, focuses on family law.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario in political science, Ms. Gelman earned her Bachelor of Laws from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School in 1993. She was called to the Ontario Bar in 1995.

Focusing on family law, Ms. Gelman advises clients on divorce, child custody, and child and spousal support. Her practice covers all aspects of family law, including the division of property, assistance with domestic violence issues, and prenuptial, and separation and cohabitation agreements.

To demystify the divorce process for clients, Ms. Gelman uses a variety of educational tools, including a divorce kit, online courses and webinars.

In addition, Ms. Gelman’s firm runs a volunteer legal clinic at New Circles, a volunteer organization in Toronto that offers employment and life skills training to members of the community.

Lisa Gelman In The News
Court upholds cohabitation agreement waiving spousal support

By Lisa Gelman The Ontario Court of Appeal  has upheld  a cohabitation agreement that a woman signed decades ago without obtaining independent legal advice, finding ... Read more

Canada’s vague surrogacy laws raise questions

By Lisa Gelman Surrogacy is strictly controlled in Canada, with limits on compensating surrogates, and correspondingly stiff penalties for any infractions. However, surrogacy ... Read more

Can I sue my ex’s mistress for damages?

By Lisa Gelman This was an interesting question that an Ontario court  grappled with  several years ago, in a decision that made some interesting points. The ... Read more

Email communications after divorce: be careful what you send

By Lisa Gelman Electronic communications, whether via email, text, or social media, have become a regular part of life for most people. However, most people do not take the ... Read more

Property division very different for unmarried couples

Toronto family lawyer Lisa Gelman uses a simple example to illustrate the difference between married and common-law when it comes to dividing property after a breakup. The ... Read more

Are structured settlements considered property or income in divorces?

By Lisa Gelman The Ontario Court of Appeal  has clarified  whether a structured settlement obtained in a personal injury case is considered property or income ... Read more

Proactive approach needed when custody, addiction issues meet

The opioid crisis has infiltrated communities across North America — and for individuals with addiction issues who are caring for children, the repercussions may be ... Read more

Requesting changes to spousal support after retirement

By Lisa Gelman A  recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision  explored how courts address requests made by a spousal support payor who wishes to eliminate their ... Read more

Affair may allow wife to seek larger share of net family property

By Lisa Gelman The Ontario Court of Appeal  recently ruled  that a wife whose husband had been having an affair may seek a larger share of net family property to ... Read more

Do I need a marriage contract?

It may not be the most romantic part of getting married, but couples should at least contemplate whether they need a marriage contract, says Toronto family lawyer  Lisa ... Read more

Home insurance payouts for victims of domestic violence

By Lisa Gelman A recently introduced private members bill from Toronto MPP Mike Colle seeks to direct insurers to pay out claims for cases involving domestic violence. ... Read more

Can a father force a mother and child to return to Ontario?

By Lisa Gelman In a  decision  in which a father sought a court order forcing the mother of his child to return to Toronto after she moved to New Brunswick in ... Read more

The reality of costs in family law disputes

By Lisa Gelman A  recent decision  by the Ontario Superior Court provides divorcing parents with a cautionary tale about allowing outstanding disputes to get out of ... Read more

Property rights not automatic for separating common-law spouses

Separating common-law spouses don't share the same property rights as married couples going through a divorce, says Toronto family lawyer  Lisa Gelman . "The ... Read more

Do step-parents have a child support obligation?

By Lisa Gelman The basic principles of  child support  with respect to a biological parent’s obligation to pay are relatively straight-forward: the ... Read more

Facts of case determine if loan included in net family property

When a couple separates and has an outstanding loan from a family member, the court will look closely at documentary evidence and the facts of the case before deciding whether it ... Read more

‘Unplanned parenthood’ claim dismissed, woman awarded costs

By Lisa Gelman The Ontario Court of Appeal  recently upheld the dismissal  of a claim filed by a man who sued his former sexual partner after she became pregnant ... Read more

Make family court great again

By Lisa Gelman and Jeffrey Mammon Has the Donald Trump presidency, with his rallying cry to “Make America Great Again,” ushered in a new era of political ... Read more

The lawyer’s role in the collaborative process

By Lisa Gelman The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently had the opportunity to review a lawyer’s role in the collaborative process when the husband in a ... Read more

Gelman & Associates hires new family law lawyer

(March 27, 2017 – North York) Gelman & Associates is pleased to announce that Galia Amoils is the newest lawyer to join its growing law firm, further strengthening ... Read more

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