Jordana Goldlist

Jordana Goldlist
JHG Criminal Law

Jordana Goldlist, sole practitioner with JHG Criminal Law in Toronto, focuses on criminal law.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in philosophy from York University in 2004, before earning her Bachelor of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2007. She was called to the Ontario Bar in 2008.

Ms. Goldlist began her legal career as a civil litigator, focused on corporate commercial disputes, including fraud, misappropriation of funds and breach of trust claims, but now she practises criminal law exclusively.

She assists clients charged with a range of offences, including murder and manslaughter, armed robbery, as well as firearms and drug charges.

Outside of her legal work, Ms. Goldlist is a youth mentor with Covenant House shelter, a speaker and moderator at Grant House Addictions Treatment Centre and a former board member of Street Haven women’s shelter.

She is a member of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association and the Toronto Lawyers Association.

Jordana Goldlist In The News
Interpreter issue results in mistrial

A Brampton judge has declared a mistrial in a drug case after Toronto criminal lawyer Jordana Goldlist asked for a new trial on the grounds that there were difficulties finding ... Read more

Judge declares mistrial in robbery case

A judge has declared a mistrial for two men charged in a Hamilton robbery and shooting case after Toronto criminal lawyer Jordana Goldlist argued that some of a police ... Read more

Carding damage already done by Toronto Police

The police have created an atmosphere where friendly conversation when doing street checks is unlikely to come from the very people they have been “carding” and ... Read more

Goldlist: action needed after police review

While a review into how Toronto police officers conduct themselves when dealing with the mentally ill is a positive step, Toronto criminal lawyer Jordana Goldlist says how the ... Read more

Transgender equality not up to snuff in prison system

It's clear the prison system hasn't caught up with society's attempts at gender and transgender equality, says Toronto criminal lawyer Jordana Goldlist . A transgender woman was ... Read more

Inmate washroom privacy should be granted

Once someone has been searched and there are no concerns for officer or inmate safety, a detainee should have private use of washroom facilities while in custody, says Toronto ... Read more

'Brilliant decision' on prostitution laws gives voice to voiceless

The Supreme Court of Canada decision to strike down all prostitution laws is a “brilliant decision” that finally gives a voice to the voiceless, says Toronto ... Read more

All-time high custody rate shows feds still don't get it

Recent revelations that the number of Canadians in jail is at an all-time high, due in part to a jump in the minority incarceration rate, is another indication the Conservative ... Read more

Will money saved from mandatory prison be put to good use?

The decision to strike down mandatory minimum sentencing for gun crimes  may have the effect of reducing prisoner costs to the federal government, says Toronto criminal ... Read more

Secrecy behind SIU investigations leaves no public recourse

The case of an 80-year-old woman being Tasered and the subsequent clearing of a police officer by the Special Investigations Unit of any wrongdoing is a case that cries out for ... Read more

Jury lauded for cocaine acquittal

The jury got it right when it acquitted a gainfully employed woman of importing cocaine to Canada from Jamaica, says Toronto criminal lawyer  Jordana Goldlist . Goldlist ... Read more

Expanded use of Tasers encourages more violence

The Ontario government’s move to expand the use of Tasers by police wrongly encourages the use of force, rather than promoting non-violent takedown methods, says Toronto ... Read more

'Shocking' stories of guards' brutality: Marin

TORONTO - Some jail guards are brutalizing inmates and covering up the abuse by destroying or falsifying records and intimidating colleagues, Ontario's ombudsman warned Tuesday. ... Read more

Police went too far laying charges over Instagram photo

Criminally charging a woman over an Instagram photo she posted of a controversial piece of anti-police graffiti is an overreaction that threatens freedom of speech, says Toronto ... Read more

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