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Quigg hopes to inspire leaders with new Integrated Leadership Academy

Toronto author and life and business strategist Janice Quigg has taken everything she knows about creating the best conditions for success to the next level with the launch of her Integrated Leadership Academy (ILA).

“My mission is to inspire leaders to govern with their heads and their hearts,” Quigg, a construction lawyer turned coach and author, tells “If you really take care of your people, then they will take care of your clients and customers, and the profits will increase, as well.”

Moving beyond individual coaching to organizational consulting, Quigg aims, through the ILA, to transform companies from the top down, by inspiring administrators to create the conditions for happy, inspired employees.

She cites a recent Gallup poll, that finds 70 per cent of the workforce is disengaged — a motivational deficit resulting in billions of dollars in lost profits every year.

“That’s a big problem,” she says. “How effective are disengaged employees in terms of dealing with your customers and clients?”

Quigg’s Integrated Leadership Academy offers a range of services, including one-on-one coaching, group workshops, organizational assessments, Mastermind Groups, lunch-and-learn seminars, and speaking engagements. She also offers high-end retreats where leaders can escape the demands of the office, to focus on their business and personal goals. Using technology to work virtually, she is building the ILA into a worldwide service provider.

The first step in working with any organization is what Quigg calls “a diagnosis of the state of the culture.”  

“You need to talk to different people,” she says. “Too often there is a division between management and the rest of the workplace.”

She has worked with firms where the staff was very dissatisfied, and management had no idea.

“That’s part of the power of coaching —  to bring people’s attention to their blind spots,” Quigg says, “because often they’re not aware of it.”

This is especially true in workplaces where leaders are so busy running a company they don’t realize the effect they’re having on staff. But the costs of hidden conflict are huge, Quigg says, including turnover.

“People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers,” she says.

Key to Quigg’s message to leaders is that their employees are their biggest asset, and their value increases with satisfaction levels.

“Part of what I teach is that there is a real competitive edge to happiness and a positive mindset,” she says. “If you have an atmosphere where people are happy, they’re actually more creative and productive. That translates into profits at the end of the day.”

While the Integrated Leadership Academy works with all sectors, Quigg’s background as a construction lawyer aids in her work with those industries.

Quigg thinks the field of law, with its firm adherence to tradition, its focus on managing rather than leading and its fixation on billable hours, is ripe for some coaching and leadership training. Profitability and positivity are not mutually exclusive, she says.

“If you get creative, I think you can achieve both,” Quigg says. “I think you can have the billable hours, within reason, and build things into your culture so that your workforce is happier and more relaxed.”

Along with speaking and coaching, Quigg writes about leadership issues. Her next book, on which she is currently working, is called An Exceptional Workplace: The Secret to Creating Irresistible Companies that Attract and Engage Talented Employees.

As part of her research, Quigg interviewed Barbara Corcoran, of ABC’s Shark Tank and related to her strategy for achieving work-life balance. 

“We do the same thing: compartmentalize,” Quigg says. “When she’s at work, she told me she’s very focused on work. When she’s at home, she turns off her cellphone and is present when it’s family time. I do the same thing and I find it works really well.”

Quigg’s authorial debut came in 2015 when she penned a chapter for The Soul of Success by Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Quigg won the Editor’s Choice Award for her contribution and has become a Jack Canfield Certified Trainer. She followed that up in 2016 with a chapter in The Professional Performance 360 Special Edition: Success, whose co-authors included Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group.

In her coaching and leadership training, Quigg draws on what she learned at a Harvard mediation course, as well as research on the science of motivation and the neuroscience of happiness.

“If you look at the needs of all human beings, all cultures, genders, races, there are three basics,” Quigg says.

The first is autonomy.

“You need to have some sense of control over your day,” she says.

Next is connection, both to other people and to a sense of purpose. Third is competence.

“If you meet those needs in the workplace, then you will have increased engagement and motivation,” Quigg says. “And the profits will follow.”

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