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Proposed changes to the Voluntary Disclosures Program

By David J. Rotfleisch Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP) – current rules The Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP or Canadian Tax Amnesty) is a Canada Revenue ... Read more

Treaty signifies further clampdown on international tax evasion

The federal government’s recent move to sign a multilateral convention aimed at preventing companies from ‘treaty shopping’ between jurisdictions represents a ... Read more

Government warned about perils of tightening tax amnesty program

OTTAWA — Within weeks, Ottawa is expected to unveil proposed restrictions to an income tax amnesty program that has raked in millions for federal coffers, but experts are ... Read more

Advice from tax lawyer, accountant crucial during CRA audit

For taxpayers on the receiving end of one of the thousands of audit letters the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) sent   this year, it is essential to first understand what the ... Read more

Success of CRA crackdown on offshore tax evasion unclear

Although the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) claims the Panama Papers scandal has allowed it to showcase how the agency has changed its tactics,  Canadian tax lawyer David J. ... Read more

Voluntary disclosure wise for restaurateur with unreported sales

Although the food sector is a common target of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) auditors, there is an option available to restaurant owners who have engaged in unreported cash ... Read more

Voluntary disclosure deal 'made sense' in KPMG matter

Although recent reports raise interesting points about the actions of accounting giant KPMG in an alleged offshore tax “sham,” criticisms of the use of the Voluntary ... Read more

Crucial to retain records when deducting Airbnb expenses

Taxpayers hoping to claim expenses related to their Airbnb activity should know that some will be fully deductible, but others need to be prorated — and the key to ... Read more

Fingerprinting may lead to border issues for accused tax evaders

As they do not fall under the Criminal Code of Canada, tax evasion charges have not historically resulted in individuals being denied entry to the United States — but with ... Read more

Solicitor-client privilege does not extend to accountant files

Although communications between tax lawyers and their clients are subject to solicitor-client privilege, the files of accountants can be seized by the taxman and form part of a ... Read more

Answering complex tax queries requires in-depth experience

It is unsurprising that a recent evaluation showed some small businesses have been receiving inadequate information from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) call centre, as it takes ... Read more

Canada's role as global tax haven 'surprising': Rotfleisch

Reports that Canada is considered to be a useful player in international tax evasion is just the latest surprising revelation from the Panama Papers information leak, Canadian ... Read more

Top driver's case demonstrates taxman's collection powers

Reports claim that Revenue Quebec may be pursuing former world champion Formula One racer Jacques Villeneuve for $1.7 million in unpaid taxes — and in cases like this, the ... Read more

Tax record 'snooping' undermines confidence in system

Although the privacy of tax records is guaranteed by law, recent reports that claim the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) was unable to prevent several employees from improperly ... Read more

Expect audit letters following CRA review of funds transfers

As part of its crackdown on unreported offshore income and assets, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is set to ramp up its focus on electronic funds transfers to certain ... Read more

Consider options ahead of 2017 changes to taxation of goodwill

With changes related to the income tax treatment of goodwill set to come into force on Jan. 1, any business owner thinking about selling should consider a restructuring plan that ... Read more

CRA takes too long to resolve tax objections, says audit

OTTAWA — The federal government takes months — sometimes years — to make decisions, costing Canadians time and money when it comes to resolving ... Read more

Days of bank secrecy for offshore accounts 'long gone'

In the wake of the 'Panama Papers' data leak, there has been a concerted international effort to catch offshore tax evaders — which taxpayers should take as a clear ... Read more

'Unconscionable' to tax income without allowing expenses, losses

Although the significant loss Donald Trump reportedly declared on his 1995 income tax return may be partly the result of government loopholes, the ability to carry that loss ... Read more

Sending condo sellers for tax advice a prudent move

In some Canadian markets, the practise of buying prebuilt condos and flipping them once completed has been a profitable activity — however, as Toronto tax litigation ... Read more

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