Aaron Edgar

Aaron Edgar
Toronto Patent Lawyer (Edgar Chana Law)
Intellectual Property

Aaron Edgar is a Toronto patent lawyer and patent agent practising as a partner with Edgar Chana Law.

He was called to the Ontario Bar in 2007 after receiving his Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering in 2001 from Queen’s University and his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Western Ontario in 2006.

He is a registered patent agent in both the United States and Canada and focuses on drafting and prosecuting patent applications for computer hardware and software, telecommunication networks, mobile devices and cryptography, protecting inventions related to clean technology, financial services, medical devices and mechanical designs in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Prior to entering into the practice of law, Mr. Edgar worked as an electrical engineer designing integrated circuits for a startup telecommunications company.

His practice focuses on high-tech patents in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, and computer systems. He is registered to practice before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Mr. Edgar’s practice also involves estates and trust matters. He advises clients on estate planning and estate administration matters and assists with obtaining probate (Certificate of Appointment) and provides general estate administration advice.

Aaron Edgar In The News
Federal government urged to embrace IP innovation programs

The federal government should heed the advice of the intellectual property community to close the innovation gap in Canada’s economy,  Toronto patent lawyer Aaron Edgar ... Read more

Fintechs should get tough on patent assertion entities

Fintech firms should take a more aggressive approach to filing and acquiring patents to defend against patent assertion entities, Toronto patent lawyer  Aaron Edgar ... Read more

Owners of B.C. barge ordered to pay costs for its rescue and rehabilitation

VANCOUVER — The Federal Court of Canada says the owners of a derelict barge in British Columbia have defaulted and must pay thousands in costs to the Canadian ... Read more

Supreme Court patent decision brings Canada in line with the world

Canada’s patent regime has stepped in line with the rest of the world after the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) rejected the promise doctrine, Toronto patent lawyer  ... Read more

Federal budget falls short on innovation

By Aaron Edgar The federal government's  2017 Budget  puts a focus on bolstering innovation in Canada by proposing investments in “superclusters”, ... Read more

Patent box would give Canada an innovation boost

A Canadian “patent box” system could boost innovation in the country, says Toronto patent lawyer Aaron Edgar . Patent boxes, sometimes known as “innovation ... Read more

Federal first patent program would boost Canadian innovation: Edgar

A federal first patent program could boost Canada's entrepreneurial community, says  Toronto patent lawyer Aaron Edgar . As part of its consultations ahead of the 2017 ... Read more

Canada's patent fast track pays off for tech firm

Patent holders can gain strategic leverage over potential infringers by taking advantage of Canada's fast-track application process, writes  Toronto patent lawyer Aaron Edgar ... Read more

Snapchat suit shows advantages of Canada's expedited patent process

Toronto patent lawyer Aaron Edgar says a lawsuit launched by a Vancouver-based technology firm against California-based Snapchat highlights that quickly obtaining a ... Read more

Public servant patent decision troubling for Canadian Armed Forces

While a recent Federal Court of Appeal decision has alleviated concerns that issued patents could be invalidated for failing to disclose that an inventor was a public ... Read more

Experience, reputation may drive success of law firm startup

While many law students or young lawyers may dream of starting their own firms, it would be an uphill battle to do so without first building up a client network and a reputation, ... Read more

Microsoft risks running afoul of anti-spam legislation

An aggressive campaign by Microsoft which forces Windows users to install Windows 10 could trigger a class-action suit or serious action under Canada's Anti-Spam ... Read more

Edgar's dogs part of family, law office

Chihuahuas Coco and Rio have no need for a dog walker — they often go to work with their owners  Toronto patent lawyer Aaron Edgar and lawyer Ambie Edgar-Chana, and ... Read more

Patent dispute settlement bad news for Canadian health care

While the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) has settled a legal dispute with the American owner of gene patents related to a heart condition, Toronto patent lawyer ... Read more

File applications quickly to avoid losing patent rights

By Aaron Edgar In our last article, " Risky for lawyers to suggest clients wait to file patents ," we discussed the dangers of waiting to file for patent protection and ... Read more

Risky for lawyers to suggest clients wait to file patents

By Aaron Edgar Do you know how to respond to your client’s initial inquiries about how to protect their invention? Providing incorrect advice could result in a loss of ... Read more

Enforcement more difficult in younger patent law jurisdiction

Although a number of companies are claiming patent infringement over technology used in Chinese-made hoverboards, enforcement of IP rights there may prove challenging, Toronto ... Read more

Edgar to share expertise on patent law for business lawyers

On Jan. 28, Toronto patent lawyer Aaron Edgar  will present a live webcast on intellectual property law, hosted by The Commons Institute. The Intellectual Property ... Read more

Saturated hoverboard market sparks patent wars

Toronto patent lawyer Aaron Edgar says the hoverboard craze — and ensuing litigation — highlights the importance of patent protection. A recent Canadian ... Read more

Edgar Chana Law moves to new Toronto office

Boutique law firm Edgar Chana Law has now moved into its new primary office location, after purchasing and building a larger space in downtown Toronto, says Toronto patent ... Read more

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