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Seeking feedback crucial part of making good business decisions

Asking for constructive advice can be difficult, as can opening yourself up to criticism — but if you shy away from feedback, you’re only cheating yourself, Toronto court reporter Kim Neeson tells The Lawyers Weekly.

“Sometimes we’re afraid to hear it. We like the way we’re doing things, or we’re afraid of what is coming next, but if we don’t seek out that feedback or that information, how can we make good business decisions?” says Neeson, president of Neesons Court Reporting.

Asking for feedback from clients, in terms of their expectations, is also important when it comes to staying ahead of the rapidly changing field of law, explains Neeson, where technology has had an impact on a number of tasks.

“Are your clients expecting that you’re going to show up to something with 16 boxes of paper, or are they going to expect you to show up with your iPad and use the technology to save them money and be more efficient?” she says.

Although many law firms cannot quickly implement the feedback they’ve received — especially if it involves modernizing key elements of their practice — Neeson says lawyers should be mindful about how they can do so if, or when, the same issues come up again.

“I do believe there’s a process involved,” she explains.

“When feedback is kind of shocking, it’s good to just take some time, let it sink in, seek out some other people that you trust, and be honest with yourself, too, honest about what’s going on around you.”

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