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Travelling nurse expenses face CRA scrutiny

The Canada Revenue Agency is taking a close look at the expenses incurred by travelling nurses, even though they are entitled to business-related claims, says Toronto tax lawyer ... Read more

New CRA tools may mean more tax haven proceedings

Although the Canada Revenue Agency has reportedly struggled to deal with the number of cases involving offshore tax havens, recent moves to expand the CRA’s toolkit will ... Read more

Federal Court ruling on charitable donations puts pressure on CRA

A Federal Court decision criticizing a local tax centre of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for discouraging taxpayers from participating in tax shelters puts additional pressure on ... Read more

CRA offshore tax evasion investigation may need more resources

Although the government recently announced new funding for offshore tax investigations and audits, public perception appears to be that the Canadian revenue authorities are ... Read more

Conrad Black court battle before Tax Court in May

A Tax Court hearing in May could determine the outcome of an appeal for Conrad Black, who is in the midst of a court battle with Canadian tax officials, Toronto tax litigator ... Read more

Business travel poses tax risks

Business travel often brings to mind jet lag, roaming charges and lost luggage, but employers must also be aware of tax risks that businesses incur when they send employees into ... Read more

Is a call from the CRA trouble? Not necessarily ...

Keep everything in writing. That’s part of a message being shared by Toronto tax litigator Adrienne Woodyard  in a recent video on . In the ... Read more

Rich won't run for border because of tax hike

Toronto tax lawyer Adrienne Woodyard says the McGuinty government’s new so-called tax on the rich won’t spark wealthy Ontarians to leave the province – but the expected ... Read more

Tax tips for Canadians

Toronto tax lawyer Adrienne K. Woodyard , tells Wallet Pop's Renee Sylvestre-Williams that it's her impression Canadians don't take advantage of tax breaks for a ... Read more

Federal budget has international tax impact

The 2012 Canadian federal budget, released last Thursday, contained important tax changes that affect non-residents who invest in Canada. During a live webinar, Jack Bernstein and ... Read more

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