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Stopping the unscrupulous tenant from working the system

By Lisa Laredo Ontario's Residential Tenancies Act includes, as one of its purposes, the protection of tenants from unlawful evictions. Accordingly, the Act has set ... Read more

The importance of home inspections in today’s market

By Shari Elliott A recent story about a property owner in Woodbridge, Sydney Walters, highlights the importance of a home inspection. But even more than the need for a ... Read more

Feds force Canadians to lower debt via regulatory changes – again

By Shari Elliott  and Hayley Valleau On July 9 the mortgage lending rules will be tightened once again in order to gain control of the rising household debt levels in ... Read more

Toronto's land transfer tax: nothing much will change

By L isa Laredo Several years ago, the City of Toronto implemented a municipal land transfer tax. This tax mimicked the provincial land transfer tax which has been ... Read more

Is the sale of vacant land subject to HST?

By Shari Elliott  The answer is probably not ... but, maybe. The situations when the sale will be tax exempt include: if the vendor is an individual and the land was kept by ... Read more

Move to rein in CMHC won't dampen market

A move by Ottawa to rein in the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. won’t throw cold water on the hot housing market, says real estate lawyer Lisa Laredo .  Read Story in Toronto ... Read more

Listing a former grow op?

By Shari Elliott What are Your Disclosure Obligations? The disclosure obligations of real estate agents in Ontario are unclear for what are commonly referred to as ... Read more

We're not getting any younger . . .

By Lisa Laredo Here's a simple checklist of things for seniors to think about when getting their estates in order: Estate Planning - Never transfer property ... Read more

Seller information forms: buyer beware

Barrie real estate lawyer Shari Elliott tells Law Times the main legal issue in a case involving the use of seller information forms is the principle of caveat emptor. Elliott ... Read more

When is a used residential property subject to HST?

By Shari Elliott It is important to turn your mind to whether a used residential property is subject to HST if that property is larger than a half hectare. Revenue Canada’s ... Read more

Debate surrounds SPIS

By Shari Elliott I am often asked what my opinion is on whether Seller Property Information Statements (SPIS) should be used in a real estate transaction. This question has ... Read more

First right of refusal not unique in land negotiation

Bringing first right of refusal into a land negotiation isn't uncommon, Barrie municipal lawyer Shari Elliott tells the Orillia Packet & Times newspaper in a story ... Read more

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