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Specialization key to law firm growth

A new survey that says the driving forces behind future law firm growth will be litigation and corporate law missed the mark by not identifying specialization as the most important factor, Toronto commercial litigator Ben Hanuka tells Legal Feeds.

The survey asked 175 large firm lawyers in Canada and the United States about which areas of practice they expect will generate the most revenue for their firms, the article says.

Litigation topped the list with 59 per cent of the response, and general business and commercial law ranked second with 31 per cent, Legal Feeds reports.

“In my opinion, the general litigator is dead,” Hanuka says in the report, making an exception for senior litigators who generally take on big cases, often before the Supreme Court.

“The litigator of the future is a lawyer who is an expert at advocacy but who is also an expert at that particular area of the law. That’s what clients want,” he tells Legal Feeds.

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