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Been watching the news lately? Let us construct a hypothetical fantasy together in the parallel objective real world. Imagine, if you will, you are at your work desk on a Friday evening. Across the hall you see the office cash box. The boss trusts you absolutely and he has left for the day. You enter his office and take out $160 from the office cash box. Because you are extra clever, you leave your boss  a little note saying, “I borrowed $20 from the office cash box to buy some candy from some kids who were raising some money for their school. I will give it back on Monday. Thanks.”

On Monday, you make a big show in front of your boss and give him the $20 that you “borrowed.” Unfortunately for you, the boss finds out about the missing money a few weeks later and questions you about it. You advise the boss, “Oh I spoke to the office manager and he told me that it was OK for me to take whatever money I needed, as long as it was for a good cause. Just ask him!” When contacted, the office manager totally denies that he told you anything relating to the office cash box. Your boss calls the police.

In the real world, you likely would be charged with a criminal offence. You would end up in criminal court. Your punishment definitely would not be to “pay the missing money back” in some distant utopian future. You could not cite the previous payment of $20 to your boss the previous Monday as a show of “good faith.” No. Absolutely not! That would never do in the real world.

In the alternative universe that politicians have created for themselves, if you dip into the public purse without justification, it appears all you have to do is give the money back. In fact, at times, so the story goes, someone high up in the government may even take care of your little debt. You are not a crook. Not at all ... You were merely mistaken as to what you could take from the public. I am not buying it! I say let us apply the same yardstick of justice to these very special chosen people.

This entire sordid mess has now been referred to the RCMP. We shall see what the RCMP has to conclude about Senator Pamela Wallin's expense account after a long, thorough investigation. After all, who are we to prejudge those who are “special” by definition?

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